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On Being Better

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Step into the Stream Apr 24, 2023 On Being Better From page 56 of Rick Rubin’s “The Creative Act: A Way of Being:” You can’t step into the same stream twice because it’s always flowing. Everything Earthly vs Unearthly Apr 18, 2023 On Being Better I’ve been reading the new Rick Rubin book (The Creative Act: A Way of Being). It’s so wonderful. I love how it’s structured (nice short chapters you Fluency Jun 27, 2022 On Being Better From our very beginning, the idea of fluency has been a core value at my company, Sparkbox. Today, if you read our handbook you’ll see it listed Humility and the Quiet Ego Jan 10, 2022 On Being Better Last week, I was sitting in a nice restaurant with my partner. I’m smiling even now as I write this remembering how sweet the time was. The lights